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(April 21, 2001 - February 22, 2007 )

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This picture is Fannie May and Thelma Lou.
Thelma Lou was a Silver Fox.

Fannie May got along great with any animal..

Fannie May was playing with Thelma Lou in these pictures.

Thelma Lou  went to fox heaven.
She got loose one day, and ended up at some ones house, the owner shot and killed her.
She is now sitting in his "trophy room"
I am not sure who killed her. 

blue tick hound with silver fox

This is Fannie May with a few of her friends.
the bottom picture is Fannie May with Daryl Dee (marble fox) and Larry Lee (raccoon).

As I mentioned Fannie May got  along with all the other animals.

Fannie May was a blue Tick Coonhound. These type of dogs are raised to hunt coonhounds.. This pictures shows the possibilities of different species being able to co-exist.

The picture to the right is Fannie May and Larry Lee (raccoon) Actually, Larry and Daryl really love Fannie May and the other dogs.


blue tick coonhound with marlbe fox and raccoon


blue tick coonhound with raccoon