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BILLY BOB the Blonde Raccoon


Billy Bob is a blonde raccoon.  I bought him September 2005.  Billy Bob was alreadybilly bob the blonde raccoon weaned when I bought him. I bought him at an auction.  I don't know who the breeder was, but, it was sad when I seen the condition of him and his of carrier.  It was not clean, there was no water or food, and he was covered with his own feces.  After I bought him, I had to clean him and the carrier before putting him and the carrier in the car.  Billy Bob was starving, I stopped at a store to get him some food, and he gobbled it down.  It is sad, that there are breeders that show lack of care.  These type of people make the good breeders and responsible exotic animal owners look bad. 

When Billy Bob arrived at his new home.  I kept in a very large dog cage. This was only so I can introduce him to my foxes and Larry (my raccoon). In his cage, he had a litter pan, food, water and cat carrier.  I also had a cover on less than half the cage (This was to help him feel secure). The picture shown to the right is him in a small carrier, (which you will see in his photo gallery also)  that was the carrier I kept in his large dog cage.   Billy Bob was neutered and had all his shots.

I can't remember how long it took for the foxes and Larry to accept Billy Bob. I think when Billy Bob was
almost half grown.  They now all get along great. However, when  Billy Bob got a little older, he became
shy.  He stayed in his pen or room most of the time.  But, he is now overcoming his shyness and will come out of his room more often.  Billy Bob has never shown any aggression. But, he don't have the same personality as Larry does.

Billy Bob is not near as active as Larry is. (but, his activity level seems to be changing to the good)
Billy Bob is a big boy. I don't know how much he weighs, but, he is a lot bigger in size and weight than Larry is. 

billy bob the blond raccoon
The picture to the left is Billy Bob with Trixie (now deceased)
Sometimes he would nap with her.  Some raccoons do get along fine with cats.  Trixie didn't mind him taking a nap with her.

Billy Bob never showed any aggression at all toward the cats.
He gets along with the foxes and the dogs.  He is not afraid of the dogs. 

Sometimes his expressions looks intimidating, but, he is a good guy. He loves hard candy as a treat and will gladly take them out of my hand.  He will let me pet him and seems to enjoy it.  He has never tried to bite me.  Billy Bob is a very calm raccoon. He never got into any trouble. Most young raccoons will open cupboards, refrigerator where Billy Bob never did any of that.  He was always very calm and quiet and would play quietly.

billy bob the blonde raccoon
In his room (which he shares with the foxes and Larry) he has a very large cylinder that he seems to enjoy. He spends a lot of time in there, mostly when it is too hot outside or to cold outside. He has blankets and toys in there.  Sometimes Larry will nap with him in the large cylinder.
I think Billy Bob feels secure in there. When he naps outside, he has a tower where it is enclosed at the top, he will nap up there also.  Billy Bob is more nocturnal than Larry is.  Billy Bob seems to prefer sleeping through the day, and up at night.  The picture to the right is Billy Bob in his cylinder.

Yes and No.  In order to have a pet quality or close to pet quality, it is a MUST to understand their behavior prior to buying one.  Raccoons MUST have a lot of enrichment.  They are NOT like dogs or cats.  If they get bored, they will make a bad pet.  If the owner don't understand their behavior, they will make a bad pet.
If the owner lacks patience, they will make a bad pet.  If the raccoon don't have ample space, they will make a bad pet. If the owner don't know how to handle them, they will make a bad pet.
If the raccoon is not neutered or spayed, they will make a bad pet.
If the raccoon don't have daily enrichment, they will make a bad pet.

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