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What do captive  Black bears do in Hibernation?      

Some people think when a black bear hibernates, they sleep for months.  Black Bears really don't sleep all the time. At least Sybil and  Benny don't.  However, they will sleep a lot more in the cold months than in the warmer months.sybil in hibernation

Sometimes Sybil and Benny will go outside and play awhile. but, they don't stay out long during hibernation time.
If the weather is really cold, they pretty much stay buried in their nest that Benny had prepared prior to hibernation.

When Sybil was a year old, she was not interested in hibernating much.  I think part of the reason was due to the milder winter months and she was alone. Now that she has Benny, she seems much happier and content.

In the summer months, Sybil and Benny fill up on food to store fat for winter hibernation.  A nature instinct for bears is to eat a lot in the summer months. This will store enough fat for them to hibernate in the winter months.

Sybil and Benny are not fed much in the winter. Even though, it is natural for wild bears to not eat during winter months, they get very little food, depending on the temperature, they usually get a little food once or twice a week. It would only be a few eggs, or small snacks.  Due to their inactivity, it is best not to feed them much during hibernation.bears hibernating

Black bears breeding season is generally June-July. Sybil or Benny are not fixed.  However, Sybil never had cubs. (Which is good on my part).  I have heard that if bears in hibernation are fed a little, this could throw off the females production system. By doing so, this could cause any possible pregnancy to not develop. A females productive system is designed to carry a fertilized egg in her womb for many months

The fertilized egg usually goes into a dormant stage and will not implant in the uterus until November.  At that time is when the embryo begins to develop into a fetus.

Given the above information, it is still not a sure cure to prevent a female bear from having cubs. I just have been lucky.  I have heard this method helps.  


My thoughts on  a Black Bear's Natural Den and Natural environment
In the wild, a bear or any other animal, will make the best of what they can.
I believe if most black bears had a choice, they would prefer being somewhere high up.
They may feel more secure. Sybil and Benny have that choice.. They could have made their nest below their loft, but, they preferred the loft.. (which is high up)
Obviously, in the wild there is no choice. Where can a black bear in the wild  go up high and make a den?

Some  people believe that when a black bear or any other type of animal is being raised in captivity, that this is cruel to the animal.  Some also seem to think all bears and other exotics animals belong in their natural habitat.  I believe, this natural habitat is considered NATURAL, only because, these animals have no choice.  They do the best they can for what they have.  However, when they are in a pen, it is a good idea to to add some natural items in it.

If a person was living in the wild, what would they do?
They would most likely, hunt food, try and find somewhere warm and keep  moving to find more food and to avoid predators.  I think this is why Black bears and other wild animals keep moving to different areas or as I have heard, "black bears will roam anywhere from 1 mile to 100 mile  radius"
This sounds like they are looking for food and escaping predators. Personally, I think a bears worse enemy are people and cars.

I also  hear people say, "Black Bears should not be confined to one area" but, in the wild, they have to keep moving to find food and to escape predators.

There are people (especially PETA) think all exotics should stay in the wild and not kept captive.
if these animals are in good homes, then there is no doubt in my mind, that some of these "wild animals" as some people call them, should NOT live in the wild.  (I am only referring to captive-born animals).
Please keep in mind that most animals in wild do not have long lives. Their worse enemy are people and cars.  What happens to cubs mother when someone shoots her or if the mother gets hit by a car? 

I am not saying I am right nor am I saying I am wrong..
This is only my opinion based on Sybil and Benny's actions.