Which species do you least want

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Re: Which species do you least want

Postby Kagney » Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:10 am

Geese: They are so unbelievably loud and obnoxious... nope, never

Primates: I worked for a veterinarian years ago that would see any animal, except primates... I guess that kind of stuck with me. The risk of transmittable disease combined with the tendency of different species (in varying degrees) towards aggression is not a combination I'm comfortable with. Also, as mentioned earlier, there is something about seeing a living thing with a such a high degree of intelligence stuck in a cage that is really unnerving. I would hate to be responsible for keeping one happy and fulfilled.

Parrots: They are beautiful, intelligent creatures, and I can see the appeal to some, but they are just not for me. Too loud, messy, and moody. My dad had senegal when I was a kid, and that's enough of parrots for me. Side note: The one super cool thing I remember about this bird... My mom was a TERRIBLE cook, and the parrot developed this habit of mimicking the smoke detector alarm (at the top of her lungs) every time she heard my mom in the kitchen moving around pots and pans... lol, my mom hated that bird.

I used to be pretty anti small dog also, but I ended up taking care of a pair of aged chihuahuas for a few months after their owner passed away. They were the most obnoxious, stuck-up little dogs when their owner was alive, but when brought into a new environment they chilled out and adapted to the new surroundings faster than I would have believed. They were actually wonderful little dogs, you just had to get to know them, and make sure they knew they were safe. They taught me a lot about jumping to conclusions out of hand. I still wouldn't seek out a small dog, but I wouldn't say no to one in need either.
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Re: Which species do you least want

Postby Nìmwey » Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:13 pm

Parrots don't seem to be very popular, and they're my favorite animal together with domestic dogs. :p (No, I have no idea why. It's a curse, I think. I probably did something bad in my previous life, so my punishment is to spend my life with parrots.)

I don't know any animal I really don't want, except probably monkeys and apes. Too humanlike, it's a bit... unsettling. They just don't appeal to me.
Ferrets and their relatives, mustelids, but I dunno, maybe I'll like them one day. And wolverines are cool of course.

I like most things, except also spiders and their relatives.
My main interest is in parrots, dogs, toothed whales and snakes.
Future animals I want to acquire when we have land are camels, alpacas, wolves, coyotes or jackals, bobcat/lynx, striped hyena or aardwolf.
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Re: Which species do you least want

Postby OceanFox » Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:27 pm

I could never own a small dog or any animal that is dumb. those get on my nerves soo much, aka any animal that cannot care for itself in the wild.
I also don't want an alpaca, camel, rodents of all kinds.
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Re: Which species do you least want

Postby Ash » Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:48 pm

OceanFox wrote:I could never own a small dog or any animal that is dumb. those get on my nerves soo much, aka any animal that cannot care for itself in the wild.
I also don't want an alpaca, camel, rodents of all kinds.

Your fox could be an airhead like mine though! :lol: She's so "dumb." Talking about Ifrit here, lol.
Red fox (1.2)
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Re: Which species do you least want

Postby caninesrock » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:42 am

- Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches because Ewwwww!
-Spiders/Tarantulas cause they're creepy looking

-Parrots because they're super messy and noisy and they bite alot
-Emus and Ostriches cause they are creepy looking

-Fish cause they're boring

-Tortoises and Turtles cause they're boring
-Any snake larger than a ball python because I'm afraid of large snakes. I blame that horror movie "Anaconda" that I saw when I was a kid even though I know that movie was exaggerated. I also don't want any venomous snakes.

-Any Primate except for lemurs and Bushbaby because most other primates look too "human-like" and its creepy and unnerving. :/
-Big cats because I don't think I could handle them
-Any large exotic mammal like a camel, elephant, rhino, hippo, buffalo, etc. because they are alot of work, require a ton of space, and I'm not interested in any of those species enough to be willing to put in the time and effort for them.
-Pigs cause they can be messy and smelly and eat alot
Exotic Wishlist: high content wolfdog or wolf,low to mid content wolfdog, Coyote, Coydog, Black-backed Jackal, New Guinea Singing Dog, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Mink, Raccoon, Coati,and Kinkajou.

Domestic Wishlist: dogs, cats, ferrets, donkey, mule
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Re: Which species do you least want

Postby Peacefulward » Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:26 pm

I also second big cats. I'm not interested in exotic felines, and wouldn't be able to care for them.
5 Dogs, 2 cats, 1 leopard gecko, 1 axolotl, and 1 crawfish currently in my family.

Exotic "wishlist": red fox, gray fox, arctic fox, mink, coatimundi, tanuki, F2 savannah.

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